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Viagem pelo Brasil

trip around Brazil.

Dom Lampa - Viagem pelo Brasil (Switzerland 2019)


In this concert, with his warm, deep and hoarse voice, the singer and Mc Paulistano Dom Lampa tells us the stories of great Brazilian artists. In addition to his songs, Dom Lampa interprets the works of artists known all over the world such as Jorge Ben, Tom Jobim, Sivuca, Noel Rosa, and works by great lesser-known masters outside Brazil, such as Adoniran Barbosa, Luiz Gonzaga, Alceu Valença and 3 do Nordeste. This is a musical, cultural and even political journey from the north to the south of the country. An intimate show that brings us echoes of simple and lively music. Dom Lampa believes in interacting with the public and with other artists who, during his concerts, invites to play with him on stage. Format: guitar, vocals and effects.



Direction: Fabia Schacher and Dom Lampa


Artist: Dom Lampa


Live at @ Salone Piazza Grande

Curio  - Malcantone - Switzerland.

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