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Lampa feat Calasso



Dom Lampa does his solo show in acoustic format (Guitar, voice and effects)

MPB, SAMBA, FORRÓ, RAP, REGGAE, RAGGA and DUB. In addition to author's pieces, he also awakens Brazilian and Jamaican classics. In this show Dom Lampa invites the Brazilian percussionist Diego Calasso.















"Diego Calasso Brazilian native of São Paulo is percussionist musician, composer and teacher of capoeira. In the music acted in several groups and accompanied several artists, among them Tião Carvalho, Dom Lampa, the groups: Tambores da serra , El Cartel, Julgados Culpados (Where he met Dom Lampa in 2001), Ciganos en Fuga (Group which together with Dom Lampa and Esteban Hetsch did two European tours in 2016 and 2017) . Lived in the city of Lugano-Switzerland for two years where he developed several works related to capoeira and Brazilian popular culture, today living in Porto-Portugal develops the electronic music duo mixed with Maranhão Guarniceelectric rhythms, has the classical music duo ColacciCalasso, is part of the choro group Trio Brasil and Duo Lampa feat Calasso, and circus company The bigosty Shows, as well as giving capoeira classes in Porto-Portugal.

Lampa Feat. Calasso @ Ops Lugano.01.jpg
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